Vietri Hand-made Dinnerware & Drinkware

Our passion for all things Italian- people, food, history, and culture- defines VIETRI. Our handcrafted designs honor Italy and are made from the very soil of its countryside. Italians value beauty, nature, art, wine, and the pleasures of living well. VIETRI celebrates all of these. For anyone who has been to Italy or dreams of going, that world of casual, sophisticated, and meaningful living, filled with warmth and depth, and family and friends celebrating life, heritage, and traditions is alive through VIETRI.

The innate beauty of Italy exudes from every design, and the Italian tradition continues. The difference is obvious. There is nothing like an Italian designed, handcrafted product. VIETRI is like each of us – authentic, imperfect, and all starting from the same place- the earth. You can feel the life, love, and passion in every piece.

The Artisans:  It is men and women that create the most beautiful dreams, sharing them and making them travel far – never forgetting their roots.  We find the attention to detail of our artisans unmatched, the passion and pride unprecedented. From simple materials, the artisan creates a form that pulses with life. When at work on the craft, the hands of the artisan are an extension of the mind and the movements are an extension of the heart.

Maestro Francesco Venzo is the artisan behind Incanto and Forma. His dedication to experimenting with shapes, glazes, clays, and firing temperatures marries traditional artisanal techniques with advanced technologies.  Meet Alessandro Taddei, the artisan behind many VIETRI collections, including Old St. Nick and Bel Mare. This maestro artisan is known for his ability to bring stories to life through his handpainted works of art.  The artisan behind Lastra, Bellezza, Tuscan Solids, and Natura is Stefano Roselli. A maestro molder, known for creating intricate details in handmade shapes, uses traditional artisanal techniques to craft truly unique pieces.