Anderson Lilley

Couture fragrance composition, proprietary wax blends, a stellar burn and a stunning vessel- the art of candle making perfected by Anderson Lilley Candles.

 At ANDERSON LILLEY,, we dream in fragrance.  From a calming day at the seashore, to a mid-day nap in clean, cool sheets, cherished moments provide inspiration for the art we make.

 Those cherished moments are found in abundance here in California, where we design and hand pour each candle.  Relaxed, sunny days, rich indigenous botanicals, salty air and lively nights give us a vibrant palette to work with, and traces of our life in Manhattan Beach are found in each fragrance.

Our exclusive fragrances are created using aromatics from around the world. Each one takes its inspiration from our own experiences and travels.  Our complex scents can take months or years to perfect, and oftentimes include over 100 different notes .  We obsess over finding new and unexpected combinations, ones that create new experiences, or bring back memories.