Leah Anderson

Leah Anderson was born in British Guyana, South America in 1963. Most of her education was spent in British Schools. Although she has lived in countries all over the world, Leah’s heart has continually been drawn to the sea.

Leah works out of a little studio on the grounds of her home in Portland, Oregon. Primarily self taught, art has always been an important part of her life, but it wasn’t until much later in life that her love affair with oil paints began. “I love the way they feel and the freedom oils give me.”

Though Leah appreciates many different styles of painting, she feels that what suits her personality is a looser more relaxed style. “I love to let the viewer fill in the details,” I think it allows them to personalize the piece and make it their own. I also believe that too much detail can take away the feeling or spontaneity of the piece.

Leah’s artistic inspirations derive from the special moments in life that create feelings of calm and serenity. She believes her greatest challenge as a painter is to transfer those impressions onto canvas and thus invite the observer to experience the moment with her.