Michael Panetta

Michael Panetta is an artist with a lot of passion. His passion for glass started at a young age of six years old.  He remembers being mesmerized by this hot, molten, lava as he watched the “glass blowers” at the Sawdust Festival of Laguna Beach.

While vacationing in Italy in the summer of 1999, he spent an afternoon in a tiny island city known as Murano.  He had watched the local glass blowers in amazement.  Michael states, “As I was watching these masters just playing with this hot molten substance, I instantly fell in love with glass”. After observing the Maestro’s he knew his journey of being a glass artist had just begun.  In the autumn of 2006, Michael studied under world renowned glass artist, Pino Signoretto.

Michael is currently composing lines of work that is a collaboration of  knowledge handed down to him, with his own style and technique added to it. He often looks to the ocean for his inspiration, making it a part of his everyday life. “The ocean is like glass, so beautiful and clear. It always changing, there is always something new.” He explains “My glass is always changing. My artwork reflects what I love.”